Reliable operation and performance in the field


As a market leader since more than 50 years, our expertise in interconnect solutions for defense includes a wide range of military-standard products, which are fully qualified by the related organizations, including D38999 connectors, AS39029 contacts and AS85049 backshells.

Since the defense industry is at the leading edge of technology, we also offer multiple proprietary product configurations for very specific applications and environments to ensure secure and reliable data transmission, quick release systems and small, easy-to-use robust wearable connectors.

Standard ranges

We have a very broad range of standard products and offer complete solutions including connectors, contacts and backshells. Our comprehensive plating options include cadmium but also RoHS-compliant Black Zinc Nickel, for which we were the first to be qualified.

D38999 SI/SII series - D38999 SIII series - M85049 series

S700-DOD series - NAFI series - 8ST/VG96912 series


Range extensions & developments

Our proximity with key partners in the field of defense enabled our R&D team to develop proprietary solutions to meet specific needs on the field, including: 

  • Improved resistance to vibration and shock (double-flange receptacles)
  • Space constraints (integrated backshells, high density layouts, micro38999)
  • High power (up to 850A)
  • High speed and high frequency (quadrax, ELIO and ARINC801 optics, coax)

High Power - Double Flange - Integrated backshell

High density - High speed - micro38999 - Fiber optics