railway connectors


  • 通用接触件:我们的多数产品在全球范围内使用的接触件相同,因此可减少客户的库存和成本
  • 接口界面:提供多种材质制成的多种接口连接
  • 环境:IP67级防水,符合铁路阻燃/防振/防冲击的标准
  • 紧凑设计:高密度设计让连接器更加紧凑,在PCB型谱上更加节约空间
  • 光纤:提供高速数据传输


Interconnect solutions for railway infrastructure

The railway infrastructure market requires safe operation as a top priority. To achieve this safe operation, the application must have high quality without any failure, but also needs a “fail safe” function to keep the safe operation in case of emergency. “Fail safe” function requires each product to be more complex, compact and easy handling. And as the application requires for long term lifecycle, products need to be robust and also standardized.

Our vast portfolio of railway connectors and cable assembly solutions will help fulfill the design challenges of your railway equipment whether it requires harsh environment and vibration / shock. We have long term experience in the rail market and provides global platform product comply major rail standards. For your more complex design needs, we also offer customizable solutions supported by our global team of engineering and product experts with deep knowledge of rail standards.